So I Found a Cougar Dating site..

And here’s what happened. Guys, I made a profile at Cougar-Corner after one of my buds said “Dude, go join a cougar date site, trust me on this”. Cougar-Corner was the first one that looked worth a go and man, what followed was so good I NEED to blog about it, other guys need to know why cougar sites are tha bomb!

So this cougar dating site I joined , Cougar-Corner …man all I did was post my picture and answer a few questions. I was new to it and honestly I didn’t know what to write but I did my best. I looked thru a few of the female profiles to pass the time and wow.. I saw why my bud said to join, just on looks alone these women were smoking hot.. like, hotter than girls my age and I think it’s because they work hard to be hot ya know? Like not taking themselves for granted the way young women do and then get kinda lazy about it.  What really stood out tho was the attitude they had towards sex, no false modesty… man these chicks were upfront about what they wanted. “A young stud”, “a lover I can teach” and so on, seems these women want the virility us young guys have!

So, long story short, I dated Kathy for 6 months. she was 46.. 23 years older than me but holy hell, those 6 months were amazing. We parted on good terms, as Kathy met someone she wanted to live with and I wanted to continue having fun. Basically when we split there was no weird stalking like Ive had with young girls. We still message every so often and say hi. It’s nice. But Kathy will always stick with me because of the bedroom skills she taught me.. she was amazing skilled, and showed me what women like too and that, my friends is what makes cougar sites a great place, youll learn skills that will make you a great prospect for ANY woman. The sex was mindblowing, but also… the no-drama relationship. Kathy never played games with me, we’d hook up, we’d have dates, and her attention was always in the moment, on me. she didn’t plan my life for me, and she didn’t obsess over herself.
Older women look after themselves in a way young girls don’t. And I mean in every way, you won’t be their crutch.
I will not be dating “conventionally” meaning in my age group, for a long time. Maybe when Im ready to settle down.. but until then it’s cougar sites for me, and guys I’ll give you the advice my bud did, join one, trust me, you will NOT regret it.